- How it all Started -

- Our Small Business Values -

Emma Swinburne set up Woolly Mammoth in 2017 - a woven textile studio based in Cardiff, UK. After graduating from Winchester School of Art, Emma moved back her hometown in Wales to explore, support and celebrate the woollen industry in Wales and the surrounding areas. Exploring the abandoned mills as a result of the decline of the woollen industry has had significant influence towards choice of material used. With signs of growth again in the industry, Emma hopes to help support the local industry through using local weaving mills and promoting the use of wool in her own hand-woven work.

- Conscious and Sustainable Design -

Woolly Mammoth is striving to use resources carefully and make as minimal impact on the environment as possible. To help decrease yarn wastage and unnecessary offcuts, Emma weaves and sews her limited edition designs to size - this allows complete control over the amount of wastage material produced. Working with local mills helps to reduce carbon footprint, enables a fully traceable weaving process and great friendships with suppliers.

- The Natural Benefits of Wool -

Why Wool?

High quality wool is used to ensure textile longevity. Wool is renewable, biodegradable and has a natural resistance to dust mite and bacteria - making it great for the environment and a perfect finishing touch to any home! As Emma continues to design and make new products, she aims to translate designs into products which are fully biodegradable, using only the finest quality wool.

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